The Kingdoms of Elgaland​-​Vargaland National Anthem #6


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The Kingdoms of Elgaland-Vargaland
National Anthem #6
Originally released in 2009

These recordings were regally made during the unofficial inauguration of the KREV Ministry of Bankrupt Shopping Malls in Porto, Portugal, on October 10, 2008, in the presence of the KREV Ambassadors Michael Harding and Heitor Alvelos.

Genuflections to the Future Places digital media festival, University of Porto Masters in Image Design, and the University of Texas at Austin and Transmedia Brussels.

A vinyl version is available via Ash International


released October 15, 2009

Mixed by: Anselmo Canha. Heitor Alvelos. MSCHarding, Philip Marshall.
Sleeve Photography: Heitor Alvelos, Anselmo Canha
Design: Philip Marshall

Bednoise. Daniela / vocals. Emotional FireWall: Dino Pinto / guitar. Estrela Fernandes / vocals. João Melo / drums. Valter Sousa / guitar. Joana Luísa (guest) / vocals. Gilberto Pinto (guest) / guitar, vocals. Fábrica de Sonhos: Alexandre Sobral / guitar. Nelson Conceição / trompa. Ricardo Resende / trombone. The Mad Dogs: Humberto Soares / drums. Pedro Bailão / vocals, harmonica. Renato Alves / bass, vocals. Samuel Costa / guitar. . Mandrágora. Nuno Silva / bouzouki. Ricardo Lopes / drums, percussion. Alex (guest) / classic guitar. Olivetreedance: Renato Oliveira / didgeridoo. Tito Silva / drums. Plasticina: Santrana. Givernau. Repórter Estrábico: Luciano Barbosa / vocals, electronic percussion. Manuel Ribeiro / keyboards. Paulo Lopes / electric guitar. Sala 134: Paulo Congas / tablas. Sala 202: Bruno Oliveira / drums. Pedro Figueiredo / drums. Slow Motion Beer Walk: Ana Sofia Lopes / vocals. André Mariano / drums. Francisco Bernardo / bass. Helder Soares / guitar. Sektor 304, Motornoise, Ghosts of Porto Royal: Augusto Lado / vocals. Eduardo Magalhães / guitar. Fernando Guerra / guitar. Gustavo Costa / percussion. João Filipe / drums, percussion. Teia: Kwala / keyboards, percussion. Rui Couto / vocals, piano, percussion. Tiago Dinis / drums, bass, vocals. Xandinho / guitar. Marcelo Aires (guest) / drums, percussion. . Tetris: Eduardo Carvalho / guitar. Pedro Rio Tinto / bass. Solistas à solta: João Martins / soprano saxophone. Henrique Fernandes / contrabass. Jonathan Saldanha / eufónio. Pupa / alto saxophone. Luis Girão / concert flute. João Filipe / percussion. Serginho / percussion, frying-pan. Manuel Cruz / everything available. Len Massey / sky guitar.

Event Staff
Event composers: Anselmo Canha. Gustavo Costa . Audio recording coordinator: Rodolfo Cardoso (Threeangle Studio). Audio technical staff: Joana Luísa. Filipe Azevedo. Francisco Bernardo. Sabrina Cristo. Audio logistics. StopStore. Threeangle Studio. Video recordings (coordinatorDawn Pictures): Dawn Pictures (José, Manuel, Tiago) / coordination. José Machado / cameraman. Manuel / cameraman. Tiago / cameraman. Helder Viana / cameraman. João / cameraman. Delfim Pereira / production assistent. Event photography: Pedro Martins / photographer. Luís Barbosa / photographer. Catering: "Vitamina" (O Telhadinho).


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